About Roselands and Bridgemere

The Roseland’s and Bridgemere area is part of the St. Anthony's Ward in the East of Eastbourne.

On the evening of Wednesday 6th May 2009 over 20 residents met with PS Ed Ripley, PC Ed Faulkner, and PCSO Wendy Turner to set up a new Neighbourhood Panel for the Roselands and Bridgemere area.

The meeting began to address the issues facing the local area such as anti-social behaviour, parking problems surrounding local schools, and speeding motor vehicles along the main routes of the area.

Local residents were fully in support of a new panel for the area and agreed to meet regularly to monitor how these problems will be resolved.
We recently celebrated our 6th anniversary and look forward to many more years!

About the Roselands and Bridgemere Neighbourhood Panel

Constitution of Roselands and Bridgemere Neighbourhood Panel

This Neighbourhood panel is part of a network set up by the police authority and the local council to encourage cooperation between police, council and local residents. There are some rules that govern the core business, the membership and administration of the Neighbourhood Panels.

1. Core business

The core business of this Neighbourhood panel is to work with public bodies and local residents to improve safety, the public realm and the local environment.

This Neighbourhood Panel identifies local problems and has the authority to call upon the Police, elected representatives and other supporting agencies capable of resolving those problems.

This Neighbourhood Panel provides a non party political mechanism led by residents. Elected officials may be invited to Panel meetings but may not sit as Committee members or chair the Panel.

2. Membership

Members of this Neighbourhood Panel are drawn from local residents and all residents can become members of the Panel.

The Panel must appoint a Committee with a maximum of 12 appointed members proposed and seconded by local residents. Each resident is entitled to one vote in decision making.

The Committee must include a Chairperson, Vicechairperson and Secretary. Only a resident may chair the Neighbourhood Panel.

In addition to Committee members, panel meetings are also attended by:

  • Borough & County Councillors,
  • Council Officers,
  • Outside agencies,
  • Local residents
  • Neighbourhood Police Officers attend as necessary

3. Administration

The Panel meets quarterly. Extraordinary meetings may be called as necessary.

The Panel is managed by the appointed Committee.

The Committee shall, from time to time, appoint sub-groups drawn from Committee members and local residents to focus on particular issues.

A quorum at Panel meetings is a minimum of 50% of Committee members.

Decisions are taken on the basis of a majority vote of those Panel members present.

To ensure the widest representation from the local community on the Committee, nominations are seconded and proposed at Panel meetings.

Panel meetings will be supported by key community partners who have the responsibilities and resources to address the issues raised by the community and the priorities set. The chairperson will invite partners as appropriate, with support from the Police and elected representatives.

Minutes or notes of Panel meetings must be kept, made available to all members and recorded on the Eastbourne Neighbourhood Panels website and other suitable dedicated social media.

All Committee business must be transparent and available to Panel Members.

Changes to this Constitution can only be agreed at a Panel Meeting comprising at least 75% of members.

In circumstances where the Committee no longer considers the Neighbourhood Panel to be viable or to have value it may be wound up by a majority vote at a Panel meeting comprising at least 75% of members present.